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Rare earth prices soared weaken competitors, LED energy-saving lamps like LED Commercial Lighting took the opportunity to take o

Rare earth prices soared weaken competitors, LED energy-saving lamps like LED Commercial Lighting took the opportunity to take o


The same as energy-saving light-emitting materials, the situation of earth fluorescent and LED is quite different-the latter sales rose, the former sharp contracted. The industry believes that the rare earth luminescent materials market's downturn provides an opportunity for expanding LED such as led down lighting fixture, led tube light fixture and led recessed ceiling panel lights.

Luminescent materials has gone through the incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp era, however, energy-saving lamps have halogen powder, rare earth fluorescent and LED lights like  retrofit led downlights, led light tube t8 and panel light led (also used rare earth, but only one thousandth of rare earth fluorescent). Rare earth fluorescent plays an important role in the alternative to traditional incandescent fluorescent, first-generation halogen powder energy-saving lamps. According to the data of Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society, the current rare earth fluorescent lighting accounts for 70% market share in large cities.

However, this pattern is changing slowly. Reporters recently learned from Ganzhou Rare Earth  international forum and other channels that rare earth luminescent materials (more than 90% of rare earth fluorescent) sales of 4,500 tons in 2012, fell 43.8 percent as 8,000 tons in 2011;  first half of 2013, the sales of rare earth luminescent materials unchanged from last year.

According to market data shows that in 2012, the third generation of its competitors in energy-saving lamps LED total sales rose nearly 34%. The most noteworthy is that the LED (especially led down lighting fixture) in the less competitive civilian market erupted. 

At the first half of 2013, LED civilian market sales covering led down lighting fixture, led tube lamp and led light panel and sales grew more than 150% and 300%.

As a new generation of energy-saving light, the price of LED light such as led down lighting fixture is 6-10 times higher than the same lighting efficacy rare earth fluorescent, but LED lamp's energy-saving effect is better. it's much cost-effective to install led for large power consumption in public places.

In addition, the manufacture's quotation of rare earth fluorescent increases with the increasing rise fall with rare earth rare earth prices rocketed and rapid decline, however, the magnitude of price increases fast and frequent gradually shaken the confidence of customers, which resulting in orders plummeted.

Lighting Society director said, "Now the operating of rare earth fluorescent lamp industry is only four or five percent, businesses starting and stopping is the norm, very bad time. Now is the winter, the time the industry should hold together."

Rare CFL encounter crises nurturing a rare opportunity for rising of LED. Reporters learned that some manufacturers converting from rare earth fluorescent to LED. "Before 2011, the industry expected that the time to replace rare earth energy-saving lamps to LED light is 10 years, and now it seems do not need so long." Lighting Society said.