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Safety Has No Boundaries

Safety Has No Boundaries


‘’It is beyond my belief that end users are still moving forward on cheap LED Tube. My personal opinion relating to some of the failures that forced Cree, Sylvania and other "well known manufacturers" who haven't made it public on recalls is due to the same issue we all went through several years back when all the low cost "linear high bays" came to play with the "Arching" issues. Over the past week, I know of two companies that are going to roll out with it, mainly because of the cost. I feel bad for them. Once they deploy, that may be it for them. They will have lowered their loads to a point whereas they may never be able to get any form of sound ROI down the road with LED.

Over my career, I have made a living on being contracted to help customers develop low cost solutions for deploying lighting programs. Though, quality of product specified was always in the forefront. Once again, I blame all the "Product Peddlers" who jumped into the lighting industry who don't get it...and never will. For those who are still selling this crap and work for what you feel is a respected company, you are part of the problem. Now, I'll sit back and here what you may have to say. Though please do not tell me that this product still has a place, as in how one person stated before, relating to saying "they can still be used in the back of house (or similar)."  I don't get care if the risk is "1%." Safety has no boundaries.’’

This is the article written by Chris Scerra, Contracted Program Manager-Energy Efficiency, we share the same philosophy with Chris that Safety has no boundaries, so OKT Lighting products are hundred percent attached safety as top priority.