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Two Lighting Fixtures, One in USA and The Other in China, Which One is Brighter?

Two Lighting Fixtures, One in USA and The Other in China, Which One is Brighter?


As we know, the electric voltage in the USA is 110 Volts, while that is 220 Volts in China. So have you ever doubted about this question: two Lighting fixtures of the same model, one in the USA and the other in China, which one is brighter?

OK, let’s analyze it.
First, if they are LED lighting fixtures, what would happen? The drives of LED lighting fixtures can change the alternating current into the direct current. There are constant current and limited voltage when they are working. Although the input voltages are difference between USA and China, which has no influence to the output end, the fixtures can emit light in the same brightness. However, the total powers of the two lamps are different.

Second, what about the incandescent lamps? According to the formula W=U×I, it seems that the current in the lamp in USA is larger than the one in China, and the former will be brighter. But it doesn’t. Because there are complex electrical and thermal methods when designing filaments of incandescent, which ensures the same performance in different power networks.

Other lighting fixtures work in the similar way as above two kinds.

LED lighting fixtures have surpassed capabilities of conventional lighting fixtures in important ways. The drivers of many LED lights are designed to work in 110V~277V, which lets the LED fixtures automatically adapt to different power networks and ensures the same brightness.