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Secret LED Strobe: How To Determine The Quality of LED Panel Light?

Secret LED Strobe: How To Determine The Quality of LED Panel Light?


An easy way to verify the quality of the LED panel light: using the camera of the mobile phone to align the light source of the lamp. If the camera shows fluctuating stripes, then there is a “strobe” problem in the lamp. It is understood that this kind of invisible strobe phenomenon directly affects the health of the human body. When the eyes are exposed to the strobe light environment caused by poor quality lamps for a long time, it can easily cause headaches and eye fatigue.

The strobe of the light source essentially refers to the frequency and periodic variation of the light emitted by the light source over time between different brightness and colors. The principle of the experiment is that the shutter time of the mobile phone is faster than 24 frames per second that can be recognized by the human eye and the continuous dynamic flashing can capture strobe phenomena that cannot be recognized by the naked eye.

Strobe will have different levels of health effects. The United States Epilepsy Work Foundation pointed out that the factors affecting the induction of photosensitive epilepsy symptoms mainly include the flicker frequency, light intensity, modulation depth and other aspects. Fisher et al. pointed out in the study of epidemic epilepsy epidemiology that patients with epilepsy have a 2% to 14% chance of stimulating epileptic seizures when stimulated by a scintillating light source. American Headache Society says that many migraine sufferers are more sensitive to light, especially glare, bright light with flicker can cause migraines, and low-frequency flicker is more serious than high-frequency flicker. While studying the effects of flicker on people's fatigue, experts found that non-visible flicker can affect the trajectory of eyeballs, affect reading and lead to vision loss.

Light is the only light source available at night indoors. In household use, it
's obvious that the impact of the flash light source on people, especially the elderly and children. Whether studying in the library, reading, or resting in the bedroom, inappropriate light sources not only reduce efficiency, but long-term use may also leave health risks.

Examine the technical mechanism that produces strobe, there is the factor of the power supply, but also the technical performance of the electric light source and lighting design and other factors. For many lighting fixtures, the operating current of the light source fluctuates with fluctuations in the input voltage, which directly leads to fluctuations in the output of the light, which in turn causes strobing. Based on cost considerations, led panel light of many merchants on the market do not use chips with a constant current function, but instead select a common chip that is half the cost, resulting in uneven quality performance of led panel light, causing consumers to confuse their choices.

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Comparing to the simple test, IEEE published "Draft Risk Assessment-Potential health effects of flicker from LED lighting" (IEEEPAR1789:2013) in April 2013, and proposed a more professional criteria for strobing. The document states that when the frequency is lower than 9Hz, the undetectable fluctuation depth limit is 0.288%; when the frequency is in the range of 9-3120Hz, the undetectable fluctuation depth limit is the frequency *0.032%; and when the frequency is greater than 3120Hz, it can be considered as no strobe at all.

Analyzing the causes of strobe, we can find that the key to reducing strobe from the product level lies in the electric light source technology and drive technology. The driver products on the market need to consider factors such as driving cost, size, reliability, efficiency and other factors. Manufacturers and industry experts are trying to find a strobe that people can accept.

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OKT Led panel light installed in Fayetteville State University 

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