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Six LED Enterprises Make Forbes China Rich List in 2015

Six LED Enterprises Make Forbes China Rich List in 2015


Shortly after releasing the top 100 of China’s Rich List this year, Forbes followed up with the publication of Forbes List of China’s 400 richest.
Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group reclaimed the top spot of the list with a net worth of US $30 billion. Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, ranked in second with US $21.8 billion, while Ma Huateng trailed in third with US $17.6 billion.
Chinese billionaires (calculated in US $) that made the list this year rose to 319 people. According to Forbes China Rich List, the total amount of the top 400 riches in 2015 grew exponentially by 9 times compared to 2005, jumping from US $92.8 billion to US $826.62 billion. But how many LEDmanufacturers made the list?
LEDinside found that six of the businessmen ranked in the 400 riches list are in the LED industry or related businesses. For instance, Zhou Qunfei, the founder of Lens Technology ranked in 18th place with US $5.9 billion. Lens Technology was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) in March 2015. According to the data, Zhou’s net worth was only US $1.63 billion last year, and previously held a ranking of 91st richest.
Worth noting is Xiucheng Lin and his family, which run China’s biggest LED chip maker San’an Opto. Their wealth almost doubled last year to US $2.9 billion, and his rankings on the wealth list improved significantly from 97 to 56.
However, three members rankings dropped this year. For example, Xiuhui Ma of Opple Lighting ranked 96th in 2014 with US $1.56 billion, and even though his wealth increased slightly to US $1.8 billion, his rankings on the Forbes wealth list slid to 128. Goretek Chairman Bin Jiang, rankings also plummeted from 35th to 53th as his wealth decreased from US $3.12 billion to US $2.93 billion. Another rich LED entrepreneur that wealth ranking dropped from 130th to 168th with US $1.52 billion is Shenzhen MTC Chairman Gu Wei.
But there is a new face in the list, the 42-year-old chairman of MLS Lighting, Sun Qinghuan, became the richest man from Zhongshan, China, with US $1.97 billion and a ranking of 102th place.
It can be observed, as China’s economic growth slows down, it has sent the stock market performance on a rollercoaster ride this year, which has been reflected on Chinese riches large wealth fluctuations this year.