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Talk About The Reason Of LED Products' Light Attenuation.

Talk About The Reason Of LED Products' Light Attenuation.

LED products' light attenuation means the light signal is fading during the transmission. Now the light attenuation of the LED products which produced by global LED manufactories is different. High power LED also have light attenuation, that is related directly to temperature and mainly decided by chips, phosphor and encapsulation technique. At present, the light attenuation of white LED in the market maybe one of the primary problems that constraint the LED products march in residential lighting.
Now, OKT Lighting which specializes in researching and manufacturing LED residential and commercial lighting, ranging from LED Downlight, LED Panel Light, LED Tube light,who is not only a products factory but also an excellent solution supplier will give an analysis that there's two factors causing LED light attenuation:
First, the reason of LED's quality.
  • Adopting bad LED chips cause the luminance fading fast.
  • The production process exist some flaws. The heat of the LED chip can't diffuse well from the PIN feet. That causes the high temperature of the chip and aggravates light attenuation.

Second, the reason of using a condition.
  • LED always use constant current driver but someone may adopt constant voltage driver that makes the excessive LED light attenuation.
  • The driver's current is higher than rated requirement.

In fact there are many reasons that cause LED products' light attenuation. The heat is the key problem. Many factories don't care about the heat dissipation but after a long time the shoddy goods they produced will appear a serious light attenuation. The thermal resistant of the chip, the effect of the sliver colloid, the heat dissipation of the aluminum circuit board, colloid and gold thread all can influence on the light attenuation.