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The Advantage of Isolated LED Tube

The Advantage of Isolated LED Tube


LED fluorescent lamp which compared with the traditional fluorescent lamp can save energy at least 30% above while lifetime is 5~ 8 times than the traditional fluorescent lamp.

Currently the design of the fluorescent lamp limited mainly in two aspects: the thermal, and  power supply.The structure of Thermal design from all PC tube initial to half PC half aluminum tube currently, is gradually evolution, and each

of the thermal design also has his merits.

At present,the entire industries pay more attention of the heat and thermal design which is  relatively mature than one year ago;

since it is a new generation of energy-saving products, the industry begin to putting forward higher request to power supply, mainly in high performance, long lifetime, small volume, low temperature rise, high reliability, etc.

Now, OKT Lighting which specializes in researching and manufacturing LED residential and commercial lighting, ranging from LED Downlight, LED Panel Light, LED Tube light, led Bulb light, LED spotlight etc, who is not only a products factory but also an excellent solution supplier .Specially LED tube lights is our hottest selling, most successful and most beautiful product, which is most popular in the world market thanks to its unique design on luminous flux and efficiency. LED tube light is perfect choice for the replacement of all the traditional tubes, have the following features:


  •  Amazing high lighting efficiency ;
  •  Isolated Power Supply
  •  Rotatable end cap for ease of installation
  •  Single End Power Supply Available.
  •  Lifespan: >50,000hrs
  •  Up to 70% Energy Saving Consumption
  •  High Brightness&Easy Installation
  •  No Buzzing,No Radio Frequency Interference /No Flickering
  •  Environmental-friendly and less hazardous without mercury
  •  Fast Return on Investment