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The global LED Lighting market scale growth rate can reach 30% in 2013

The global LED Lighting market scale growth rate can reach 30% in 2013


With the price of LED Lighting products (Commercial LED Downlight, Dimmable LED Flat Panel) continues bearish and quantity scale expands rapidly, Lin Zhixun, as the energy research group's headman of industy institute industrial economy and the trend research center, points out that global LED Lighting market scale maintains 30% in 2013 is possible to achieve. Global LED Lighting production will reach 65.8 million in 2020.

Lin Zhixun said that in the future, the key markets of the development of LED Lighting are still in China, Europe and the United States, but we must also pay attention to non-tariff trade barriers such as the related standards, specifications , requirements of energy efficiency, local protectionism, etc. The Asian is the main sales regions in the global LED Lighting, at the same time, it is also the biggest LED lighting application area and the market shares of 40% in 2011. Among them, Japan market as the most positive for LED lighting applications. In 2011, LED lighting market is replaced by Japan and its scale reached $952 million. In 2012, Japan market scale has reached to 1.203 $billion.

For the individual application market, LED Lighting in the building lighting market penetration in 2012 is as high as 56%. But also due to the mature market, growth has been slow. Outdoor lighting , because of benefiting from the government to create the market demand, grows slowly in LED lighting applications. In 2012, the LED Lighting permeability of industry lighting applications is  only about 6%.

LED Lighting as application of commercial lighting which is from the early functional lighting, and then gradually converts to the main lighting applications. Because of the high turnover rate and long time use, LED lighting permeability synchronization with the scale of marke growth. In 2012, LED lighting penetration in commercial lighting market has reached to 15%.

Housing is the world's largest lighting application market, LED Lighting depends on bulb light check in residential lighting market and replace traditional bulb light. However because of the high price, the permeability of LED Lighting in residential lighting market is about 13% and remains to be promoted.

Office lighting makes energy saving as the appeal. LED Lighting is gave priority in order to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp and the cut into the office lighting market. But the LED lamp must also face the price competition of T5 fluorescent, therefore, in 2012, its permeability is only about 11%. As well, it still has a large space to grow up.