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The Magic New Technologies of LED

The Magic New Technologies of LED

LED products become more and more popular in our lives. With the exception of LED lighting fixtures and LED displays, what other LED products do you know? There are various amazing applications of LEDs. Let's learn about them now.

Planting Vegetables and Fruits
Different plants need different lighting time, and even require differently during each stage of growth. LED plant lighting fixtures, as high quality artificial light source, can be accurately set their parameters and make up the absence of the nature light, and provide proper lighting for plants’ photosynthesis.

Delicate Wallpaper
The LED wallpaper invented by Philips lighting can be freely changed its color according to your demands,and emits pleasant light, which not only decorates the whole space with comfortable ambience, but also supplies indoor lighting.

Ground Indication
You may have already seen an indication cast by a LED indicator light. There are also kinds of LED carpets that can act as ground indicators. These carpets are made of special euphotic materials, which allows the light permeate the carpet and form a planar guiding figure. LED carpets can guide people indoors in the directions including the emergency exits and route. In addition, the pattern and color can be varied and match the style of the whole room.

Curing the Alzheimer Disease
MIT announced a study: They merely used LED lights flashing at a particular frequency and greatly reduced the amount of amyloid β-protein in the visual cortex of the mice which were used for Alzheimer disease’s research. The amyloid β-protein has been found in other research that causes amyloid β-protein.

As the LED technology is developing, more and more LED products will bring us more convenience and surprise. What LED products do you use?

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