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The new export standard challenge to LED entrepreneur

The new export standard challenge to LED entrepreneur


In recently years, the United States, Japan, EU and other developed economies have developed relevant criterion to standardize LED product's safety, performance, energy requirements. the new energy efficiency requirements of LED lighting products will be formally implemented in Europe at 1st September. By then, LED lighting products  which export to Europe must meet the new energy efficiency standards, including LED Panel Light, LED Tubes and LED Downlights.

It is understood that the new regulations will be divided into three phases: The first start-up time is September 1st , 2013, the second phase is September 1st, 2014, the third stage is September 1st, 2016.

EU have highest import requirements of importing LED products including T8 led tube light,led panel lighting,led down light. LED products entering EU market, must comply with the Low Voltage Directive of the safety requirements, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive EMC requirements, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) in electrical, electronic equipment and Waste Electrical, Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) environmental requirements and energy consumption in eco-Design Directive (ErP) of the energy efficiency requirements. In addition, LED products need to comply with relevant laws and regulations of prescribed conformity assessment procedures, only in this way can affix the CE mark to enter the EU market successfully.

Inspection and quarantine departments remind entrepreneurs : Firstly, entrepreneurs should change their ideas positively, raise the concern on product energy efficiency indicators and eco-design requirements ; secondly, to establish a sense of initiative, in terms of quality management, the  raw material control, production security and factory inspection clearance; focusing on energy efficiency design requirements at product researching to ensure products meet the requirements of ERP Directive; Finally, we should actively carry out product compliance testing to adapt to changing energy efficiency limit values and test procedures requirements to win our LED products initiative in the international market through continuous improvement of product performance.

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