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Three New LED Application Fields in 2015

Three New LED Application Fields in 2015


In 2015, there are 3 new led application fields which we should pay more attention to. They are respectively visible light communications, UV LED and LED Agricultural lighting.

1)     Visible light communications

Based on the technology of visible light communications, led bulb will become a intelligent light systerm with lighting, communication and cross application functions. It’s a green and ecofriendly revolution, which use the visible light to transmit communication signal. Even LED Lighting wireless communication is still in a exploration stage, but they show a very attractive application prospect. Many led company and technical team in both China and other countries such as Japan, USA and Europe are investing much money and manpower on this field.

2)     UV LED

Blue led won the Nobel prize in 2014, UV LED attract more and more people and definitely will be a prosperous new land in the near future. Compared with traditional high-voltage mercury lamp, UV LED could be applied in many places where HVML can not. At this stage, UV LED sterilization functions cover drinking water, tank, air conditioner, air clearner, food aseptic processing and so on.

3)     Agricultural lighting

With the development of modern agriculture, the lighting need in this field are growing up rapidly. According to a global industry survery, till 2017, the sale volume may reach 30 miliom in agricultural lighting. However, there are still many technical problem need to be solved. At the same time, much business opportunity lay in it.

       In 2015, the competition in led market will become much more fierce and many small company with less competitiveness will be knocked out. So how to live in this led field? Maybe the above 3 directions should be a hope.