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To Fully Meet The High-Voltage LED Power Program

To Fully Meet The High-Voltage LED Power Program


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In addition, the cost factor driven by the power scheme to gradually become acceptable product, but to fully meet the high-voltage led light tubes power program, but it needs to be resolved is the chip reliability. With low thermal resistance, good light type, solder-free and low-cost advantages, COB applications will be widely available in the future. There is the application of new materials in the package. High temperature, UV, and low water absorption higher environmental resistance of materials, such as thermoset materials EMC, thermoplastic PCT, modified PPA and ceramic-plastic or the like will be widely applied.

Applications: Applications manufacturers currently mainly through the use of new cooling materials, means of advanced optical design and application of new optical materials to achieve cost-optimized LED lighting products, and at the same time to ensure product performance. But in the future, LED lighting applications, manufacturers will focus on: scenario-based applications require interchangeable LED light engine technology; Commercial LED Downlight intelligent lighting system architecture based networking technology platform; development of reliability-based design of LED lighting, the use of cycle maintain color / brightness uniformity, high-performance LED lighting development; development based on large-area efficient lighting technology diffusion diffusion plate; light environment lighting systems online experience to solve technical and service systems.

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In addition, traditional lighting are designed around the shape and size of the light source, the size is fixed. The LED lighting is characterized by: freedom lamps shape, appearance, creativity; lamp size freedom, flexible size, position lamps freedom, installation random. LED lamps shape the future will no longer be confined to the shape of the traditional lamp, but tend to shape liberalization and hidden. Shape of the free hand to meet individual needs, on the other hand can be used as decorations for decoration.