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U.S. Department of Energy released LED Optical Safety Instruction

U.S. Department of Energy released LED Optical Safety Instruction


U.S. Department of Energy recently released on Solid State Lighting LED optical security (SSL) Technology Fact Sheet.

It has attracted attention and concerns to the human’s eye safety questions of LED lighting. Thus, the United States Energy Board introduced a new - solid-state lighting (SSL) Technology Fact Sheet - LED optical security. The manual outlines the existing knowledge in this field, and also explore the light of existing standards of biosecurity.

the "Blue-ray hazard" became the main concern about the LED optical security . Because of long time exposure in the blue and purple light spectrum range will be harmful to the human’s eye retina caused by photochemical damage ,However, as new circumstances described above, in the same color temperature, compared with other types of normal light sources, clean white LED does not produce more blue light hazard. According to the existing international standards, White architectural lighting products are not considered to have Blue-ray hazards generally.

OKT Lighting is the professional manufacturer of LED Commercial Lighting, including LED Panel Light, LED Downlight and LED Tube. All of them have been certified by DLC or Energy Star, which the highest CCT only reach 5000K with clean white light. Therefore, OKT Lighting’s products will not produce blue light hazard.