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UL Listed Emergency LED Driver for LED Luminaire with External Driver
UL Listed Emergency LED Driver for LED Luminaire with External Driver
Model No
EM-L0854-XX, EM-L1654-XX, EM-L2554-XX

UL Listed

Emergency Time>90 Minutes

Long life recyclable Lithium battery
Integration of test switch and charge indicator
Used for exterior or interior of luminaire
Applicable to LED Luminaires with external driver without wattage limitation.
Self-test function available


Data Sheet  EM-L Series


Data Sheet


Brochures  EM-L0854-XX, EM-L1654-XX, EM-L2554-XX




Installation -UL Listed Low Voltage Emergency LED Driver


Installation Instruction




The OKT's LED emergency drivers are UL Listed for factory or field installation, unrivaled emergency solutions for LED Product with external driver. It allows the same LED luminaire to be used for normal and emergency operation and works in conjunction with an AC LED driver that convert new or existing LED fixtures into emergency lighting. It adopt a long-life recyclable Lithium battery, and are backed by a 5-year warranty. It is available in a variety of wattage, providing solutions for 8 watt, 16 watt and 25 watt applications.

Performance Summary

Model Number


Output Power8 Watts (Max)16 Watts (Max)25 Watts (Max)

Input Power

5 Watts (Max)

6 Watts (Max)8 Watts (Max)

Input Voltage

100-277V AC, 50-60HZ

100-277V AC, 50-60HZ100-277V AC, 50-60HZ

Output Voltage

15V-54V DC

15V-54V DC18V-54V DC

Emergency Time

>90 Minutes

>90 Minutes>90 Minutes


24 Hrs

36 Hrs

36 Hrs





UL ListedE464406E464406E464406

Comparison of G1 and G2 Version

 Comparison   1st Generation   2nd Generation  
 Certification   UL component  recognized   UL Listed  
 Application   Factory Installation   Factory / Field Installation  
 Mounting   Dual Flex Only   Single Flex (Standard Version)
 Dual Flex  (Standard Version)
 Integral Non-Flex
 Top-Mount Non-Flex  
 Test Switch and Charge Indicator   Split   Upgrade to single-piece of test switch and charge indicator with LELV Rated Output
 Output Rated   /   LELV Rated  
 Battery   Ni-cad battery   Lithium  
 Self-test Function   NO   YES  

OKT emergency backup drivers are widely applied in many commercial and industrial applications, like office space , major retail, school, universities, airport lounges, indoor spaces, healthcare, hospitality government facilities, libraries and ect.

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Two optional indicator accessories, for your different needs.

Fix the indicator light on to the ceiling with nut, suitable for all Mounting Configurations.

4'' Octagon
Install the indicator light to the opening hole and fix it onto the ceiling with the nut, suitable for led emergency driver with Dual Flex.

T-Grid Hanger

It is designed to support LED emergency driver on the ceiling. Made of fire-rated galvanized sheet material, this hanger is durable and safe, which won’t conduct electricity. It has added stability to have the EM be to quickly mounted on the T-grid.

T-Grid Hanger for emergency led driver

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