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US Economy is Hot, How Will OKT Lighting Represent Himself?

US Economy is Hot, How Will OKT Lighting Represent Himself?


In the US stocks and foreign exchange are booming and they are hitting higher record many times. The economy is hot now, GDP is $16.8 trillion which is 1.83 times than China in 2013. And On Christmas Eve 2014, United States issued GDP growth was 5%, the DJI exceeded 18,000 points, the S&P Indices broke the 2080 points, the dollar index exceeded 90 points, all of that hit a new record in this eight years. All of them depend on the way of the spearheaded growth.

Internet has brought a revolution in information technology; 3D printing has brought a revolution in the manufacturing, shale gas brought up the energy revolution. How to increase the speed up towards the US market has become a big focus in the LED lighting industry.

US economy is so hot, LED lighting is very important in USA market, so OKT Lighting how to represent himself? OKT Lighting will show ourselves on these way.

1. The entire network marketing, exhibitions, magazines, B2B platform, etc., making USA customers find us at any time.

2. Creating OKT culture, reward culture, military culture, home culture, external training culture

3. In the original product range, develop and research a lot of products, to be more professional,  to be more diversified. At the same time develop and research one or two new kinds of products.

4. Making OKT dream, to be online with orders for making customer convenience. Established a warehouse for after-service in the USA, to provide customer convenience.