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What Attracted A Steady Flow of Visitors in The 2015 Autumn HK Lighting Fair

What Attracted A Steady Flow of Visitors in The 2015 Autumn HK Lighting Fair


OKT Attend 2015 Autumn HK lighting fair. We have two booth there, 3D-E16&5E-A08, also we invest lots on the advertisement. Though few visitor on this fair, OKT owned great access on it too.

First, many old customers visit us and have a further talking on the following cooperation. And also there are many new customer, especially many customer showed great interesting on the transparent linear up/down panel. “Hey, OKT give us a hint”, OKT Lighting working on to bring some idea and effective to customer, make them know more better on OKT Lighting, OKT downlight guy with suit and dancer downlight shows that OKT is a direct manufacture with depth. Besides, we bring some enterprise culture on the fair, it seems this is an innovation on it. All visitors like it.

Transparent linear up/down and internal driver panel is the two top star on this fair. Up/down panel make many people to study it and want to know more details, and many of them order samples for test after the fair, not only from North American market, also from European market.

Internal driver panel is the first time to show to our customer, and the several advantage makes it very popular on the market, no flicker, low shipping cost, 7years warranty. Let’s see the bright future of OKT lighting.

linear up/down panel