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What Do You Know About The Trivia About Light and Illumination?

What Do You Know About The Trivia About Light and Illumination?


Light is one of the sources of life on earth. It is the basis of human life. It is the tool for human understanding of the outer world. It is also the ideal carrier of information and medium communication. According to the statistic, at least 80% of the total information gained by human senses from the outer world, are through the eyes.

Light is everywhere. But you may be never heard of the trivia about light and illumination.

1. Firefly can glow through the chemical reaction

Luminescence means the light emitted has not any heat, such as the fluorescence light of firefly and other many biological lights. And the energy conversion efficiency of this chemical reaction is nearly 100%. That is to say, it converts almost all the initial energy to the light.

Human also can light.

The body light which showed as following photo is taken by the Low temperature charge coupled device camera. All the creatures can emit the light because of the metabolism, human also can shine. But the light emitted from us is too dim. It is 1000 times dimmer than the naked eyes.

3. Centennial bulb

The longest burning time bulb in the world is the centennial bulb in California, USA. It has been glowing since 1901, now in its 117th year of illumination, at least for 110 years, and only has been stopped several times because of the power failures. It has made the Guinness world record.

4. Why did you turn off the light in the car when drive at night?

The reason of turning off the light in the car when drive at night, is related to the physical knowledge of the middle school, that is mirror image principle. When driving at night, if turn on the light in the car, thus the cab is much brighter than the outside car. At this time, the glass of the front of the car to the driver, mirror effect is more than the transmission effect, it is like a mirror. Now, when driver look at the windshield in front of the car, it like looking at a mirror, thus, it is difficult to see clearly of the road ahead.

5. Why emitupwards light bulb when thinking a good idea?

There are many explanations about this answer?

1) At the beginning, bright was used to describe smart and lively.

2) It is related to the bulb which discover by Edison. Because light bulb bring the bright, that means a new civilized process which has profound and great significant. Thus, until now, light bulb is still the symbol of meaning creative, good idea and prompt.

3) The cost of early cartoon is very high. In order to describe the spark inspiration, it is only 2 to 3 steps to finish the light bulb. This simple and popular expression is widely popular in people.

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