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What is DIALux?

What is DIALux?


Well-designed lighting system provides just the right amount of light for its intended application: less lumens yield poor performance, but more lumens represent wasted energy. Like in any building system design, the optimal capacity can only be specified with an adequate calculation procedure. Lighting designers use the photometric data of proposed fixtures as a starting point. For the calculation procedure they consider the project’s location, indoor or outdoor, as well as environmental conditions like temperature and dirt.


So what DIALux is?

It’s a design tool that lighting engineers use to calculate and visualize the lighting requirements for specific applications. It determines which type of lights are needed, the number of fixtures and wattage for each, and how far apart they should be placed. It also provides a visualization of the lighting coverage, so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

The purpose of lighting calculation is to reach a suitable illuminance level for the intended application. The concept of illuminance describes lighting delivered per unit of area, and it is typically measured in foot-candles (lumens per square foot) or lux (lumens per square meter). Dialux makes lighting design easier and efficient.

Every series light of OKT lighting including led linear fixture, led troffers, commercial led downlight has precise IES file, support Dialux simulation in various applications. OKT lighting is aiming to provide customers best data support in every project!