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What kind of ways the buyers they use to find a supplier in LED industry which manufacture LED Downlight, LED Panel Light,T8 LED

What kind of ways the buyers they use to find a supplier in LED industry which manufacture LED Downlight, LED Panel Light,T8 LED


1 International lighting fair
Most company, especially big brand or company will visit to big size professional LED show, such as German Frankfurt Show, US Les Vagas LED show, Hong Kong international lighting fair to search led products such as Dimmable LED Downlights, LED Flat Panel Light, T8 LED Tube Light. You can received very warm reception when you entered any company’s booth, and salesman try to introduce their best product to you, quitting you price and invite you visit their factory is you are available. you can’t judge how big the company it is on the show.

2 B2B platform or website
Since the Internet Technology has been developed rapidly, there are many B2B websites helping overseas buyers find proper suppliers from China, such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, Tradekey,
EC21 etc. The buyers, especial for small buyers, such as distributers, wholesalers, dealer or on line shop owners will send many inquiries to different companies, and he will receive many quotations in various price level. Buyers can make comparison among those price list he got to select the properest the like, but there is a big risk for him to cooperate. Why there is such a big difference in pricing, What’s really it behind the lover price? Can they guarantee the quality of products?

3 Google engine or some local search engines
Most people would like to search product on the Internet, because they used to do and like to do in such a Internet era, It is the quickest and easiest way to find the manufacturers via computer or even cellphone. Meanwhile, there are too much information on the Internet, Most buyers can’t judge which one they need trust, which one they need eliminate? Another problems, buyer has great patience to scan the information shown in Page 1, Page 2, Page 3. When it reach to Page 4, theirs patience has been used up to go on .While not all good companies in China spend money on Internet marketing, they are good at produce high quality product and service, but their company homepage are not shown in Page 1 , 2 or 3. The buyers will miss such a good opportunity for cooperate them .

4 Professional sourcing agent service
Some companies, especially big company want to place a order to a company, they are unsure the details of their partners to be, they will ask some professional souring agent to know more about the partners, such as register capital, register year, the amount of sales annually, the size and management. Then, they will decide which one is properest for them to cooperate among the companies souring agent recommended.

5 Business development letters
Every buyers will receive many unexpected business development letters from Chinese LED manufacturers if their mail address can be found. This is a really a annoying problems the buyers are facing now. We can’t guarantee all information is useful to buyers, while there are some contents in the mail do really arise buyer’s interest to make the business further. So we can say it is good way for buyers to find new good product and make profit.

To sum up, there are many good manufacturers who attach great importance on quality and service. On the other side, there are many valued buyers from overseas looking for reliable supplier and many ways he can use as well. How can we match the reliable supplier and real buyers perfectly. That’s the issue I will talk next time. thanks.