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When LED Light Manufacturer Under the China-US Trade War--ALERT

When LED Light Manufacturer Under the China-US Trade War--ALERT


September 18th,U.S. President Donald Trumps announced that US will start to impose 10% tariff on the $200 billion goods which import from China. And this tariffs will increase to 25% on 1st,January,2019.

In the impose tariff list of the import goods, LED Product accounted 30%. If the China-US Trade War keeps going, most North America LED Light Importer, Chinese LED Light Exporter will have seriously affected, so do the importer from other country. Most USA LED Lighting Company has increased the price in state, so as the Chinese Material Manufacturer. There will have a price war in Chinese manufacturer.

In these 2 months, the sales volume is keep rising. This situation brings more pressures than ever. Entrepreneurs believe that will makes the market grimmer, even though 85% LED light product and assemble is from China.

As a manufacturer, we should know exactly what kind of product we should focus on, which market we should grasp. If we want to live under this environment, we should make clear what shall we do.

In 21st century, Technology and Intellectual Property is the most important thing for a manufacturer. If a company only want to have fast buck and do not have any innovation, it will gone sooner or later.

We OKT lighting, is the professional led lighting fixtures manufacturer for 8 years. The most important thing for us now, is to try our best to stand firm in American while expand more market, whatever Europe, China mainland or anywhere else, and keep improving  ourselves, in the research development ability, the professional of our team or something else can makes us more stronger.

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This trade war is affecting the world’s economic, Rose the Challenge or Shrink Back? That’s a question~