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Why LED Light Tube's 3014 Lamp Bead Will Replace 3528 Lamp Bead?

Why LED Light Tube's 3014 Lamp Bead Will Replace 3528 Lamp Bead?


In the previous year, led light tube of indoor lighting in the industry which is around 0.06w, the ball bubble made most of the 3528 lamp beads, and in the first half of the year is 3014 lamp bead based to use most, using 3014 lights in the market is more attractive, more novel and also continue to strengthen in the competition in the market.

As early as in the first half of 2012, Xin Light electronics, Hong photoelectric, and other enterprises have launched 3014 white light series products, and those led lighting enterprises have also passed the white LED test. In 2013, as the industry growth, in the field of indoor lighting of ball bubble lamp and led light tube warm into the outbreak. The amount of 3014 also continued to rise, has been largely replaced by 3528.

In high LED industry research institute of statistics, in 2012 China LED ball steep light sales break through in 200 million, up 15.8% from a year earlier. China LED bulb sales in 2013-2017 annual compound growth rate at about 66%, up to more than 2.5 billion sales in 2017. And indoor lighting in the ball bubble lamp also is less than the size of the led fluorescent tube, thus it can be seen both occupied how much market share.

3528 lights in the LED market replaced by 3014 of the main reason: 3014 lights, ball bubble or fluorescent lamp, it has reduced the cost of the luminous flux increased. Moreover, 3014 lights, Which possess the better light rate and price advantage, have better heat dissipation performance and bigger light emitting area. Thus concluded that a long period of time, the use of 3014 lamp as the core source of led lighting tube and bulb is a kind of trend.