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Why OKT Could Make 7 Years Warranty LED Panel Lights?

Why OKT Could Make 7 Years Warranty LED Panel Lights?


As you know, OKT lighting enjoyed a good reputation with it’s creative products and it’s focusing on USA market since 2013. Now OKT will launch 7 years warranty led panel, FS series led panel with different size options. As we all know, many manufacturers only offer 5 years warranty for led panel lights, but do you know why OKT could make 7 years warranty?

Firstly, we use great heat dissipation internal driver, which helps to the heat dissipation of the driver, in this way, we can guaranty the long lifespan of the driver.

Secondly, adopt high quality light guide plate and wonderful design, that makes the lights no strobe and no circuit interference.

The last but not the least, use high quality raw materials, for example, as to Aluminum frame, it is weight as 500gram, heavier than most manufacturers.

The panel samples are available now, if you have interest, please call us.

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