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1.3 inch Pendant Linear Diffuser

1.3 inch Pendant Linear Diffuser

Model No

2FT, 4FT, 8FT

Uplight and Downlight

100-277V (Int. driver),  110-347V(Ext. driver)

Seamless Runs

1-10V Dimming

Custom Pattern

UL listed

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Brochures-Zeta Series




Data Sheet - Zeta Series Int Driver



Data Sheet

Int Driver

Data Sheet - Zeta Series Ext Driver

Data Sheet

Ext Driver

Installation instruction - Zeta Series with Internal Driver


Installation Instruction

Internal Driver

Installation Instruction - Zeta Series with External Driver


Installation Instruction

External Driver

IES File-Zeta Pendant Linear Diffuser



IES Files



1.3" Pendant Linear Diffuser
Zeta series linear suspension lighting is a unique linear series that brings any space to the center stage. These timeless, streamlined forms blend well with contemporary decors and modern workplaces. These linear luminaries is available in 2ft,4ft and 8ft, simply provide wide,powerful lighting to any atmosphere with continuous runs.It can provide smooth uplight and downlight, allowing for wider spacing between fixtures and better ceiling light uniformity.Unleash lighting design flexibility with Zeta with different shapes and patterns, it adds fun factor into each room. These creations will let you suggest rhythm, communicate meaning and showcase element of life.

Key Specs & Features
Lengths / Wattage / Efficacy


2' 20W  > 110 lm/w

4' 40W  > 110 lm/w

8' 80W  > 110 lm/w

LED Driver


100-277V AC

1-10V Dimming

PF> 0.9

Beam Angle


150° Up

100° Down

Lighting Distribution


100% downlight ( > 115 lm/w)

75% downlight, 25% uplight

50% downlight, 50% uplight

25% downlight, 75% uplight

100% uplight    > 95 lm/w)



UL Listed

Damp Rated

Additional Options


Continuous Runs

Custom Pattern

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Wall Mount Linear light

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